1. What is eVisa to Kenya?

In the year 2015, the department of immigration services in Kenya while responsible for launching an eVisa program that enables tourists to apply for an eVisa on the web without any need to go to any diplomatic mission in Kenya. The eVisa happens to be an authorizing document which has been issued in the PDF format that enables visitors to get into the country by means of a selected port of entry. The applicants will be receiving their eVisa’s by means of email after they’ve filled out an application form and also completed the online payment.

eVisa to Kenya – Application form

eVisa Kenya
eVisa Kenya

2. Who requires Evisa to Kenya?

Each adult visitor to Kenya will be required to submit an eVisa application. Individuals who are of 16 years of age or below do not require submitting any application whatsoever. Their legal transfer documents will be only required at the country’s point of entry.

3. How to get an Evisa to Kenya?

• Initially, go to e-kenya.info
• Fill out the application form with correct details such as passport number, e-mail address
• Make the payment (different methods available)
• Submit your application
• Wait for the visa to be approved by means of email, and then, download and print the document as well
• You need to present the printed eVisa to the immigration authorities out there


eVisa to Kenya – Application form

 Evisa to Kenya
Evisa to Kenya

4. Validity of Evisa to Kenya

After the issuance, an eVisa Kenya will be valid for 3 months prior to traveling. After presenting yourself to the immigration authorities in the country, you are going to be issued a stay period which will not exceed 90 days, and it can be renewed for another 3 months if required at the immigration headquarters.

5. How long can you stay in Kenya?

You will be able to stay in the country for 90 days prior to traveling elsewhere.

6. What is the entry type?

The eVisa for Kenya will be only for a single entry granting a maximum stay of a total of 90 days.

7. When you have to apply for it?

It will be imperative to apply for the eVisa to Kenya at least 90 days before the departure.

8. If you have to print it?

Yes, you need to print the eVisa to Kenya without making any delay whatsoever. You need to present the printout at the port of entry. It is suggested that you print different copies of the eVisa in case you happen to lose the original one.

9. What is the validity of the passport?

The passport has to be valid for a period of 90 days.

10. If you can arrange your visa on arrival?


11. Is overstay possible?

Yes, overstay is possible in Kenya. If you happen to be in this country and are likely to extend the stay, you need to apply for an extension by visiting the NPRA in the country. If you happen to overstay the eVisa Kenya, it might be imperative for you to pay some charges or you might even be deported or banned from any future visit to the country.

12. What is the cost of eVisa to Kenya?

The cost is 99EUR.

13. Benefits of using our online service

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eVisa to Kenya – Application form

Kenya evisa application form